Audigy Venture Group

Audigy Venture Group’s mission is to provide private-practice hearing care providers with options when they’re looking for an exit strategy or a practice expansion. These are the individuals who help make it happen. Audigy Venture Group is actively working to expand into markets where no AudigyCertified™ practices currently exist, and to offer opportunities for new and existing members, as well as practice-ownership opportunities for Audigy University graduates.

  • Charles Stover
    Charles Stover Regional and Senior Marketing Manager
  • Cindy Larsen
    Cindy Larsen Accounting Manager
  • Lisa Batterton
    Lisa Batterton Regional Manager and Staff Audiologist
  • Mark Drahn
    Mark Drahn Vice President of Audigy Venture Group & Strategic Sourcing
  • Rhonda Bergemann
    Rhonda Bergemann AVG Staff Accountant
  • Sandra Huynh
    Sandra Huynh General Ledger Accountant
  • Tim Peters
    Tim Peters Director of Finance

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