Get a More Efficient and Profitable Practice

Audigy Medical’s team works to uncover inefficiencies, patient attrition, and gaps that exist in your practice so you can grow profits and improve patient care.

Solutions and Services to Increase Profits With Your Current Patient Base

Whether you want to start a new ancillary service like sleep medicine, would like to maximize sinus patient conversions, or need consulting services to learn how to combat decreasing reimbursements, we can get you to where you want to go.

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Marketing and Creative Services

Get access to Audigy’s full-service agency with all of your design, content, media, and digital marketing strategy under one roof.

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We work with you to understand every aspect of your business and market so you can become a more efficient and operationally effective practice.

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Your finance team tackles the complex stuff — budgeting, projections, forecasting, monthly financial statement reviews, and much more — so you can confidently make the decisions needed to help your business thrive.

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Business Development

If you are looking to open a new location, want to acquire an existing practice, or need to create an exit strategy, your business development team can create a comprehensive plan allowing you to make the best decisions for your goals.

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Human Resources

Get a team of experts that will assist you with every aspect of human resources, from recruitment and compensation plans to team coaching, performance plans, and much more.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Your professional development team works with you and your staff to perfect roles and elevate patient experiences, allowing you to create better business outcomes and patients for life.

Team Collaboration

Maintain Autonomy Within Your Practice.

Your Audigy Medical team is not designed to overtake roles within your practice. We work with medical practices to give each team member the tools to be more efficient, allowing them the time to focus on the job they love to do. We ensure each team member maintains autonomy and can practice medicine how they best see fit to meet their patients’ needs.

Maximize Your Patient Opportunities

Without a financially stable practice, patient care and all other aspects of your practice decline. We will give you the tools and processes to help you maintain and increase your practice stability and financial health.

It all starts by identifying the inefficiencies of the practice and creating solutions for those based on our industry-specific data and best practices. Your practice will have access to exclusive technology platforms that track your practice’s KPIs, as well as capacity analysis tools that ensure your schedule is optimized to exceed financial goals.

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Support to Ensure Every Role in Your Practice Succeeds

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ENT Doctors

Get time to focus on ENT decisions and patient care. We will work with your administrative and Au.D. teams to maximize patient opportunities in each of your departments.

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Practice Administrators

Get access to tools and processes that will allow you to be more efficient and have more time for constructive conversations with the rest of the medical team.

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We will develop processes to help ensure audiologists are seeing more hearing aid patients and hitting goals set by the ENT and administrative teams.

Exclusive Platforms to Track Results and Make Your Practice More Efficient

Audigy Pulse Platform

Get Relevant, Timely, Actionable Data for Your Practice

Pulse is an online dashboard that pulls together key performance indicators (KPIs) — conversion rates, binaural sales rates, return rates, financial metrics, and inbound marketing call tracking — so you can see your business health at a glance.

Audigy CEO Platform

Team Communications and Goal Tracking

The CEO™ platform allows you to interact with your peers across the Audigy membership, get up-to-date strategic advice from the Audigy team, peruse new marketing campaigns, or even download the latest webcast.

Automate Your Time-Consuming Allergy Processes

Audigy Medical members can get access to the end-to-end allergy software Clarity™ that helps allergy teams become more efficient, automates time-consuming processes, and reduces medical errors. It is designed to provide a more efficient process and a better patient experience.

What Audigy Medical Members Are Saying

  • Audigy Medical's people are their greatest asset. Our consulting team is a collaborative and dynamic group of problem solvers that have helped us make a better practice.

    Jim Wallach, M.P.A., COPM
    Jim Wallach, M.P.A., COPM Ear Nose & Throat Medical and Surgical Group, LLC - Practice Administrator
  • The investment was so worth it. My practice took what was taught at the Patients for Life seminar and it has created phenomenal results.  Thank you and your team for giving my practice a way to not only help our patient’s, but to sustain the practice financially.

    Dr. Mark Welch, DO, FAOCO Ear, Nose, Throat and Allergy Center

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