Top 3 Things Your Practice Needs NOW to Accelerate Through COVID

  1. If you haven’t been actively pursuing your SEO to drive organic results in search and enhance visibility in maps, we recommend you boost near-term results with a paid search program. A minimal investment can significantly improve your ability to be found as potential patients begin emerging from their homes and seek delayed treatment. Recommended Actions: Audigy Local Search Marketing (SEO) and Paid Search
  2. There’s no better time than right now to activate your existing database. Thanks to our new stay-at-home lifestyles, email-open rates have increased 20% year-over-year! This means your audience is now more receptive than ever to your message. They want to know how your business is adapting and responding, and most importantly, that you’re open and ready for them to return! Recommended Actions: Audigy E-Blast and E-Newsletter
  3. With many in-person communications moving to a virtual platform, now is the time to focus on promoting your business through social media. Social media is a low-cost marketing activity that gives you an opportunity to create a community and connect with current and future patients by sharing tips and tricks, company news, videos, photos, etc. Oh, and did we mention that having a strong social media presence may help you boost your search engine rankings? Recommended Actions: Audigy Social Media Management and Facebook Advertising

Contact your marketing manager to ensure you are participating in marketing activities that will help you accelerate through COVID and set you up for success in 2021.