Planning for 2021

By Jeremy Roulin, Regional SBU Director

Keeping your compass pointed forward toward your big picture is more important than ever as we maneuver to close out this very unusual year. The past several months have challenged us all with significant changes that we are each surviving in inspiring ways. The good news is that the Audigy membership has fared better than most in our markets through this pandemic because of the persistence you show — persistence in planning, persistence in communication, and persistence with your team.


Building on this momentum to end the year strong and launch into 2021 even stronger, you will want to schedule some time to pause. To step back for that much-needed reflection on your successes and aspirations, and to continue to paint that vision for yourself and your practice. It is this vision your SBU team is eager to get excited about and partner with you on to create a strategy for achieving those goals.


Development of a strong strategic plan is a necessary step on your path to realizing your vision. But an annual plan needs to be more than just a one-year budget and what you’re going to do for marketing; it’s about navigating toward your big picture — your legacy. A few key areas to think about prior to planning with your SBU team:

1. What personal, professional, and financial goals would you like to achieve in 2021 and beyond?

2. What revenue growth target would you like to achieve in 2021, 2022, 2026?

3. What marketing do you feel has been going well for your practice over the past two years?


If your SBU hasn’t already connected with you to start the planning process for 2021, they will be reaching out shortly. In the meantime, you owe it to your greater vision and your team to set aside some whitespace for yourself. Time to honestly reflect on where you have been and where you would like to be in five years. Your SBU team is ready to help build that road map with you and turn that vision into your reality.

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Jeremy Roulin

Jeremy Roulin

Regional SBU Director