An Increase in Hearing Aid Sales,
Patient Care Satisfaction, and Results

See how the digital patient platform e-patient® helped Amdahl Hearing increase patient satisfaction, hearing aid sales, and their effectiveness ratio, leading to a more profitable practice and more satisfied patients.

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Challenges Amdahl Hearing Faced Prior to Implementing e-patient

Increase in Competition

Increase in Competition

Competition is continuing to increase on all fronts within Amdahl Hearing’s marketplace, with most focusing on price. They didn’t want to start competing on price, so they needed new ways to educate patients on the benefits of technology and the professionals who fit that technology.

Decreasing Average Selling Price

Decreasing Average Selling Price

With low-cost hearing aid competition stemming from big-box stores, as well as third-party-payer networks increasing within Amdahl Hearing’s marketplace, they noticed a decrease in average selling price and an increase in price-focused patients.

Effectiveness Ratio

Effectiveness Ratio

Even with over 40 years of hearing care experience, the Amdahl Hearing team was looking for ways to improve their effectiveness ratio. They were confident in their abilities, but like any business, they wanted to improve their practice, processes, patient experience, and results.

Kevin Amdahl, owner at Amdahl Audiology

“I was hesitant to have anything to do with the Patients for Life® [PFL] process, and especially e-patient, as I felt that with 20 years of practice, I was pretty good at what I did and certainly didn’t need or want to change. I finally made the commitment because I felt the rest of my provider team needed help — not me. Turns out I was wrong on both fronts.”

—Kevin Amdahl, President, Amdahl Hearing

How e-patient Helped Amdahl Hearing Improve Patient Care and Their Practice

  • Increased binaural close rates: e-patient allowed the Amdahl Hearing team to transfer their more than 40 years of clinical knowledge into the patient-education tool e-patient and helped improve their practice’s close and binaural rates.
  • Created practice efficiencies: e-patient incorporates patient information, clinical data, and hearing health profiles into one system, reducing errors and making for a more efficient practice.
  • Educated patients: e-patient educates patients on the benefits of hearing technology, helps provide a clear picture of their hearing challenges, and focuses them on what is most important in choosing the right technology.
  • Increased patient care: Additionally and most importantly, e-patient helps increase patient engagement, care, satisfaction, and results.
Summary Screen

“e-patient is not for the provider. It is for the patient. I had never had the level of engagement with a patient that I now do with e-patient. It differentiates my practice from all others.”

—Kevin Amdahl, President, Amdahl Hearing

e-patient Helped Amdahl Hearing Increase their Average Selling Price, Among Many Other Positive Results

  • Increase in engagement of the patient and their companions during appointments, allowing for a better understanding of the product
  • Allowed the whole Amdahl Hearing team to consistently be on the same page when discussing their effectiveness with patients
  • Increase in conversion rates, effectiveness ratio, and average hearing aid selling price
  • With the increase in patient engagement and patient care, hearing aid return rates have seen a consistent decrease

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e-patient allows your practice to stand out among the competition

“At a time when we are under attack more than ever, ask yourself: What truly sets you apart? Where is your value? Why should patients choose you over Costco, TruHearing, or OTCs?
e-patient helps us build value and differentiates Amdahl Hearing from all others.”

—Kevin Amdahl, President, Amdahl Hearing

See how e-patient can boost your practice profits and provide a better patient experience.

Amdahl Hearing

Beginning in 2006 with one location, Amdahl Hearing has since expanded to five locations throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, helping thousands of people hear better along the way.

At Amdahl Hearing, “Amplify Life” is not only our slogan, it’s also our firm belief that we can truly enhance the quality of life by working with patients to fit the best technology possible. With more than 40 years of dispensing and manufacturing experience, our audiologists have seen the industry from almost every conceivable angle.

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