Patient Retention With Marketing Automation

Aug 11, 2023 | Marketing

Relationship building isn’t optional anymore.

In today’s health care marketplace, engaging with your patients and prospects is what sets you apart and keeps you top of mind.

And you already have a key piece of the puzzle: your database.

That carefully curated database — with hundreds or thousands of names — represents many different segments:

  • New patients
  • Prospects
  • Upcoming appointments
  • Upcoming warranty expirations
  • Tested-but-not-treated patients
  • Many others

They’re all potential touchpoints for engagement.

Reaching them all in a timely manner can play a crucial role in your operational efficiency, patient care, relationship building, and bottom line.

But how can you maximize this opportunity without taxing your team?


What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation in action

You buy a product — and immediately you receive an email thanking you for your purchase and suggesting related goods and services.

You’re excited for your vacation in a few days — and get a text reminding you of your upcoming flight along with three tips to trim the wait at your boarding gate.

That’s marketing automation in action, and it strives to enhance your relationship with businesses you’ve interacted with.

A more rubber-meets-the-road example:

Suppose you have a complicated tracking spreadsheet set up, so you know when to reach out to different types of patients, one being the tested-but-not-treated patient.

Every so often you send out your tried-and-true email template to see if they’re ready to try hearing technology.

With marketing automation, you can ensure a follow-up email is sent automatically — when you want it to be sent: 15 days later, 30 days later, 60 days later, even all three.

And you can tailor each email, so the first might talk about why treating hearing loss matters, the second about the connection between hearing loss and dementia, and the third about the value your practice provides.

You can even make sure an email is automatically sent to your front office staff letting them know an email was sent to the patient, so they know to follow up with a phone call.

And you can ditch that spreadsheet!

But how does marketing automation work?

Let’s dig a little deeper:

Marketing automation is a computer-aided system that targets subsets of your patient database with strategic communications.

It delivers custom information, uses preset email triggers, and calls your target audience to action based on:

  • Your specific business goals
  • Your audiences’ product and service needs
  • Events and other circumstances that trigger engagement opportunities

This ongoing engagement can reach across email, social media, text, and websites, with messaging tailored to current and prospective patients.

Plus, it’s working for you whether your office is open or closed, saving your practice valuable time.


Why Does Marketing Automation Matter?

Consumers and their communication needs continually change. And businesses must evolve along with them.

With all the noise in the hearing care industry, it’s critical to evolve how you use your patient database to help you stay top of mind and relevant. That’s where the power of marketing automation comes in.

Rather than limiting your remarkable patient experience to the four walls of your practice, marketing automation allows you to:

  • Deliver that remarkability before a new patient’s first step into your office
  • Continue delivering that positive, brand-reinforcing experience long after the patient leaves
  • Achieve better hearing-health outcomes, meaning more patients raving about you to others
  • Reach target audiences where they are using the effective communication practices of today

Marketing automation gets results across industries. For example:


What Sets Audigy’s Marketing Automation Program Apart?

Audigy’s exclusive Marketing Automation Program is based on our proven Patients for Life® (PFL) process.

PFL covers every part of the hearing care experience — from initial phone call to consultations, fittings, follow-ups, and beyond — and helps owners and providers duplicate the service and care that:

  • Make practices exceptional
  • Keep patients coming back
  • Inspire patients to share with friends and family

Our Marketing Automation Program is also:

  • Ideal for sending birthday emails and appointment reminders
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Built for and specific to the hearing-care space
  • Replete with hands-on coaching from our Strategic Business Unit
  • Administered by Audigy’s in-house team of marketing and training experts
  • Easily integrated within popular audiology office-management systems for seamless automation

Keep your focus where it belongs — on the people you serve. Let marketing automation help you retain patients, motivate prospects, generate more opportunities, and accurately measure your marketing success.

Engage with your patients no matter where they are — learn more about Audigy’s Marketing Automation Program.