How Can I Use YouTube to Promote My Brand?

May 21, 2018 | Marketing

People want to see, hear, and interact with other real people online. You are a real person, right? YouTube is an excellent platform to showcase the very real people behind your brand — you and your staff!

With nearly 5 billion YouTube videos viewed every day, it’s time to join the party and get your brand out there in your community. But how do you choose the content for your YouTube videos?

Identifying the Right Content for Your Channel

Identifying compelling content for your YouTube videos may seem like a daunting task. Remember that your unique background, technical expertise, and devotion to your profession are what make your brand special. There are several ways to effectively tell your story through YouTube videos.

Company Profile

Consumers are more informed than ever before. They want to feel good about where they spend their money. Creating a company profile video is an easy way to show them why you deserve their business.

  • Where did your company start?
  • What is your vision?
  • Has that vision changed as your business has grown?
  • Why did you choose your community?
  • Do you have any interesting stories about where your company has been so far?

Don’t worry if your story isn’t a blockbuster epic; remember that viewers connect with real people and real stories. If you are passionate about your practice, it will resonate with those who see your video.

Interviews With Practitioners and Staff

These interviews highlight the reasons everyone in your practice loves their work and the community they serve.

Have the interviewee consider the following questions:

  • When did you realize this professional path was for you?
  • Does anyone in your family practice in the same (or a related) field?
  • Do you have any stories from your childhood that could have foreshadowed your drive to get you where you are today?
  • Are there any next steps that you would like to take?

Not only will these conversations foster trust with your patients, but others wanting to break into your field may look to you as a resource and inspiration.

Patient Testimonials

Your patients want to be heard and want an opportunity to tell their unique stories. You are working hard to improve patients’ lives every day. This natural combination makes creating a quick testimonial video a no-brainer.

When working with your patients, keep an ear out for those individuals who want to tell their stories.

  • What was going on in their life when they realized they needed your services?
  • How was their experience in your practice, with your staff, with you?
  • How have your services and technology improved their daily lives?

These are the stories that patients want to tell and that viewers will identify with!


Webcasts and webinars are scheduled events held online, hosted by you. These events are a space to have open conversations with your patients where they can ask you, their trusted authority, questions in real time. Webcasts and webinars can be recorded in real time and later posted online as a permanent resource for your community.

Repurpose Infographics Into Tutorial Videos

Do you have any infographic sheets detailing after-visit care or product instructions? While these are great resources, some people find it easier to watch a video than to follow written instructions. How-to videos are wildly popular on YouTube. Among the highest-searched terms on YouTube are variations of “How do I…” or “How to…”

Another way to identify subject matter for tutorial videos is to keep a log of questions frequently asked by patients while visiting your practice. Answering these questions allows you to keep your community informed about the services and expertise that you offer.

Technology Demonstrations

When new technology and products are released, people will search online for more information.

  • What does your new technology have to offer?
  • How has it improved over time?
  • Are there any tips or tricks that you want to make consumers aware of?
  • How will this improve your patients’ lives?

Creating the Right Content for Your Videos

Now that you have enough to build a robust YouTube channel, there are some things to consider when organizing your content for your final videos.

Video Length

Keep your videos relatively brief, and stick to the identified subject matter of the video. It is more likely that someone will stick with a three-minute (or less) video with focused content than a longer video covering a range of topics. Splitting up a longer video into a series of shorter, more content-specific videos will help users find exactly what they are interested in.

Keeping your videos on-topic and brief demonstrates to the viewer that you value the time they have given you, and that your goal is to help them find the information they want. These hyper-focused snippets of information will also encourage viewers to check out your other related videos when they have questions.

Call to Action

What do you want the viewer to do after watching your video? The specific topic of each video will help to determine an appropriate call to action.

For example, after watching your company profile video, they may want to learn more about your practice. Invite the viewer to visit your website for more information by posting a direct link. After viewing an introduction to your practitioners or a product demonstration, invite them to call and make an appointment. Your Digital Team is available to help with any questions you may have about developing a strategy for your specific video content.

Engagement Through Comments

If you are willing to monitor them, you can allow comments on your videos. Sending unique responses to YouTube comments is another way to make your expertise available to people who are familiarizing themselves with your brand and expertise.

Furthering Your Reach

Just because your video has been uploaded does not mean that people will automatically find it. See our guide to optimizing YouTube videos for search, consider writing a related blog post, add the video to your website, and share across the rest of your social media accounts to maximize your video reach.

As always, your Digital Team is available if you have any questions. Let us know how we can help make your YouTube videos the best they can be!