Helping Students Achieve Their Goals

Jan 17, 2017 | Audigy University

As a leader in an Au.D. instructional program, you’re working hard to see that your students are clinically competent. There’s an old saying that you’ll never arrive at your destination unless you know where you want to go. Helping students establish and articulate goals is an integral part of that process. Audigy University offers opportunities for Au.D. students to explore, refine, and define their personal, professional, and financial goals to help them effectively map the course of their career.

Personal goals focus on the student’s passions. Examples include travel, hobbies, sports, and time with family. Professional goals focus on the expectations and areas of accomplishment the student wants to pursue. Examples include learning new skills and taking on new or expanded responsibilities in professional settings. Where does the extern see him or herself professionally in the next year? Five years? Considering financial motivations and needs is also important. Examples of typical financial goals might include planning a wedding, buying a home, repaying school loans, and meeting family-care expenses. Audigy University offers opportunities to help students clearly articulate SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound) and determine how these can be facilitated through the extern’s relationship with the practice setting of their choice.

Audigy University’s outreach, events, and resources have been developed to encourage goal setting that:

  • Encourages intentionality in personal and professional pursuits
  • Helps students conceptualize what tools will be needed to meet goals
  • Evaluates each potential employment opportunity to determine if it:
    • Aligns with or detracts from professional goals
    • Provides options or limits them

Encouraging students to set personal, professional, and financial goals helps them visualize their unique road map to success. Our on-site presentations are designed to help students explore their goals, empowering them to pursue remarkable careers through skillful evaluation of employment options.

Want to know more about setting SMART goals through Audigy University? Contact us at [email protected].