5 Things to Consider Before You Apply For and Accept an Externship

Aug 13, 2018 | Human Resources

Getting that fourth-year externship offer can be exhilarating — but it can also overwhelming. Lots of variables go along with an offer, and some are easy to overlook. Read on to see our list of important things to research before you even start applying for externships.

1. Location

You’ll be in your externship city and state for a whole year, so for each place you plan to apply, research the area you’ll be spending time in. You need to make sure you’ll enjoy your time both inside and outside of the practice.

2. Cost of Living

Cost of living can vary widely from region to region. If you’re looking for an externship opportunity somewhere sunny, make sure you can afford to live there. For example, the cost of living in Hawaii or the Bay Area will be higher than almost anywhere else. Make sure you’ll be able to live comfortably throughout your externship year.

3. Experience

It’s easy to mention in your applications that you’re looking for a well-rounded experience, but what does that actually mean to you? Identify the specialties you’re interested in, and apply to programs that will allow you to develop expertise in those areas. Make sure you’re setting yourself up for success as you launch your career.

4. Licensure and Credentialing

Which states require a provisional license? Does your university require you to be supervised by a provider with a CCC-A credential? Make sure you know what is required of you or your preceptor before you apply for opportunities.

5. Long-Term Potential

After all these other considerations, take the long view: Is each area you’re considering somewhere you could see yourself long term? There is always a chance you’ll be offered a position after graduation.

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