Got a Job Offer? Score! (But Don’t Say “Yes” Before Reading This)

Feb 27, 2018 | Human Resources

When all those applications, interviews, and tests pay off with a job offer, you naturally want to seal the deal and celebrate! But before saying “yes,” how can you make sure you’re getting what you need? Check out the following five factors for evaluating employment opportunities.


What Kind of Team Are You Joining?

No doubt, the employer has taken time to assess your qualifications, but have you thoroughly researched the company? Resources such as Glassdoor, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms can give you a closer look at the company’s culture and what employees think of the business.

Knowing your core values for the next employment opportunity and whether they line up with the prospective employer may help determine whether joining the team is the best move. Maybe you value the benefit of having dedicated time set aside each month for volunteering. Perhaps you seek a company with a strong environmental record. Make sure the prospective employer shares your values.


What Will You Make?

Are you moving to another location for this position? Have you researched the area, including the cost of living? How much money will you need to cover your bills? Make sure the salary meets your expectations and livability requirements before accepting the job offer.

You might also be hoping for career growth, which in turn could provide a financial increase. If that’s important to you, ask the applicable questions ahead of time to make sure the position’s right for you.


What’s the Compensation Beyond Salary?  

You might require benefits such as medical insurance, a 401(k) plan, or relocation costs when considering an employment offer. If the employer doesn’t offer them, is it a deal breaker? Benefits differ across companies, so it’s important to decide your non-negotiables and ask those critical questions in advance.


What Will Your Schedule Look Like?

What is your desired schedule? Do you like working regular business hours or prefer working later in the day? Maybe even weekends? Make sure the hours of your new employment opportunity line up with your preferences and needs.


What Are the Advancement Opportunities?

What career opportunities does the position provide? Is there a training and development process? If these elements matter to you, have that conversation with the hiring manager ahead of time to understand what the future could hold with that company.

Outlining your career goals will help you determine what you’d need from a prospective employer. Ask yourself key questions such as:

  • What challenges am I seeking in a new career opportunity?
  • Where do I see my career in five years?


Even with a job offer in hand, it’s important to make the right — not a rushed — decision. Keeping the above criteria in mind will help you put your best foot forward for yourself and your career.



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