4 Ways to Attract and Retain Millennials in the Workplace

Jul 7, 2017 | Human Resources

1. Keep Their Work Interesting

Millennials are known to be “job hoppers” because the work they are doing does not interest them; it’s not something they are passionate about. They are willing and wanting to stay at a job for the long haul if the work they are doing is interesting to them; i.e., if they like being around people, make sure they have an opportunity to interact with others throughout the day. A way to find out what interests them is by simply asking and aligning appropriately.

2. Create a Feedback Culture

Millennials constantly want to know how they’re doing, what they can do to improve, and how their work impacts the bigger picture. Implementing yearly performance reviews is heading in the right direction, but it’s not enough. To keep millennials engaged and motivated, incorporate feedback sessions more consistently through your weekly/biweekly one-on-one meetings. Agenda items can include what’s going well, what needs work, and how you can help support.

3. Offer Flexibility

If the position allows for it and trust has been established, provide flexibility in their role. This can be flexibility with their schedule, vacation time, or even what they’re working on daily. If allowed flexibility and autonomy, millennials will, in return, take more initiative, be more productive, and be more innovative.

4. Provide Opportunities for Professional Growth and Development

Millennials are hungry to learn and are constantly looking for different opportunities in order to continue growing professionally. Employers can get creative with this! Some ideas can include creating special projects, providing the opportunity to go to a conference, implementing a professional development day — the list can go on!