3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Online Form Submissions

Aug 16, 2017 | Marketing

How quickly are you responding to your online form submissions? Across Audigy Member digital campaigns, we are seeing a constant increase in form submissions from their websites and other digital marketing campaigns. Responding to these patient leads efficiently can be a simple way to boost appointments and increase practice revenue. Here are three simple tips to make sure you get the most out of your digital marketing.

Tip No. 1: Respond to form submissions quickly.

When a patient is on your site or a paid-search landing page submitting a form, you’re obviously top of mind at that point. So if you can get to them quickly, they’ll still have your brand in mind, which is more likely to get you that appointment.

The odds of converting that lead decrease more than 10 times in that first hour, so we recommend contacting those leads within the first three hours — but really, that first hour is essential. The odds of booking an appointment are much greater if you can reach out to them within five minutes.

We don’t expect you to respond to every form within five minutes, because who’s checking their email at 3 a.m.? But the quicker, the better. If you get a form submission in the evening when you’re closed, we recommend reaching out first thing in the morning.


Tip No. 2:  Read the form submission and understand what the prospect wants.

Make sure you read the forms carefully so you know exactly what the patient wants, whether it’s a set of hearing aids, a hearing test, or to come in for a wax cleaning. If you are able to directly respond to the prospect’s question when you follow up, it will give them the impression you took the time to read their inquiry and provide them the right information.

If you get a lot of form submissions from your website, templated emails can provide efficiency. For example, some of those templates could be for a technology demo, a clean and check, balance/vertigo questions, tinnitus, or wax removal.

Within your template, leave a few spots blank to include content specific to the patient’s form, as well as their name and personal information. Emails are also helpful when you’re not able to call the person back right away — sending an email probably buys you a little extra time to get back to them by phone.


Tip No. 3: Document form content and whether an appointment was booked.

Keeping track of whether a form submission turns into an appointment is critical in measuring cost-per-appointment of your marketing efforts, especially as we see more and more form submissions come in from paid-search campaigns and other digital-marketing mediums.

If you are not tracking this information, you are missing out on accurately measuring all of your marketing efforts. Based on data from Audigy Members who are actively responding to form submissions, we see a high percentage of these turn into actual appointments.

Along with tracking appointments, it is important to track the type of form submissions you’re receiving. Are you seeing a lot of form submissions for a service you don’t offer? This is important to know, because you can optimize your marketing campaigns to weed out unwanted form submissions for the services you don’t offer. This is something the Audigy digital marketing team focuses on with all Member campaigns. So if you are a member of Audigy, it is critical to share feedback on the types of prospects you are getting.

If you have further questions about the best way to respond to form submissions or have questions about Audigy’s digital marketing services, please contact our marketing team today.