3 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

Jul 13, 2018 | Audigy University

Feeling stymied in the quest for greater balance between work and, well, everything else? You’re not alone. Nearly a quarter of full-time U.S. workers finds managing work, family, and personal responsibilities a pretty tall order, per an Ernst & Young survey published in 2015*.

The rate jumps even higher on a global scale, with a third of respondents worldwide perceiving work-life balance to have grown only more challenging to achieve, whether due to increased household obligations, longer working hours, salaries out of step with expenses, or other cited reasons.

Reaching a comfortable work-life balance is possible. And with that coveted prize occupying an increasingly important place in overall employee satisfaction, we’ve got three tips to help you make it happen:

    1. Identify Your Own Goals
      Work-life balance can have as many different meanings as there are people. Discovering your own definition is key.What are your personal, professional, and financial goals? What level of tangible benefits such as salary, equity earn-in, or employer-paid 401(k) contributions align with your vision? What about intangible benefits such as mentorship, flexible hours, or recognition?Visualizing and understanding the components of your own work-life balance success marks the first step in achieving it.


    1. Find Your Match
      Working through your own vision of work-life balance prepares you for the next step: finding potential employers that match your goals.Where can you start?

      • Search for employment sites that value your personal, professional, and financial goals, incorporating them into your position parameters.
      • Understand the core responsibilities detailed in the job description and articulated by those to whom you would be accountable.
      • Get to know the specific factors that define success in the particular employment setting you’re investigating.
      • Explore the team culture of potential workplaces — you’ll be spending a great deal of time with your work colleagues.


  1. Count on Audigy
    Did you know? Audigy is passionate about helping experienced and emerging hearing-care professionals achieve their goals — including a successful work-life balance. With more than 700 private-practice member locations across North America, we offer a unique perspective on matching providers with employers who believe in excellent patient care in an employee-supportive team environment.Audigy can provide:

    • Job-matching services for patient-centric, team-oriented providers with a strong work ethic and interest in personal and professional growth
    • Resources and opportunities such as nonclinical professional development, career guidance, and information about today’s audiology industry
    • Assistance in identifying your personal, professional, and financial goals and your vision of work-life balance

Take your career to the next level with an AudigyCertified practice, where your goals are just as important as those of the business. The perfect position could be waiting now, so check out our job board today!