Audigy Releases New Advanced Telehealth Solutions

June 9th, 2020th — Vancouver, Wash. —


Audigy, the Vancouver, Washington-based practice management and consulting company recently released new advanced telehealth solutions for affiliated practices to provide remote care for their patients. The release is especially timely, given health and safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The new advanced telehealth features come as a standard with Audigy’s proprietary “e-patient,” a web-based product that visualizes and simplifies the hearing care process for patients and standardizes operations for the practice.


The Audigy team was especially pleased to be able to release this update at such a critical time for Audigy Members and their patients.


“I’m incredibly thrilled to be able to offer this new version of e-patient to our Members,” said Kelsey Fleming, Audigy’s Director of Product Management. “As we were scoping out this project, we were focused on our Members who assist patients with mobility issues or perhaps are having trouble getting to their preferred provider for other reasons. We couldn’t have predicted it being such a vital feature to the e-patient platform due to a global pandemic, but if these features can help our Members and their patients reconnect during such a trying time, then that makes our work all the more rewarding.”


Fleming went on to outline more specifics related to the telehealth updates, including 4-person video conferencing, screen sharing, chat functionality, email automation, appointment start reminders, and mobile compatibility, with the overall goal of the platform to provide audiology practices a reliable, secure, and effective way to serve their patients’ hearing care needs.


“When e-patient was first created,” continued Fleming, “our aim was to create a digital counterpart to the Patients for Life program, something that complemented its dedication to consistency and focus on creating a great patient experience, but also could be just as personalized as the Patients for Life process. Having these new telehealth features as a part of e-patient not only takes the platform to the next level, but it really creates new possibilities for how our Members can take care of their patients.”


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