Marketing Workshop

June 4

Washington, DC

Westin Tyson’s Corner

Growing a practice not only takes delivering the highest-quality care but ensuring the world knows about it by targeting the right audiences at the right time in the right places using the most cost-effective strategies. From developing a community-outreach strategy and strong physician-referral base to chiseling your digital presence and more, this workshop covers key tactics to help every member of your team maximize their role in marketing your business and building your brand. Attendees will also have the chance to create an effective plan to hit the ground running upon return to the practice.

Note: The Roundtable is an add-on to the Patients for Life course.

Learn About:

Best practices for tracking outreach efforts and setting realistic goals for the team
How to articulate clear expectations for each tactic and determine the amount of time to allot each week
Best outreach tactics for executing your plan — whether you handle marketing full time or hold multiple roles in the business
The myriad outreach avenues available to your practice and how they may fit into your overall marketing strategy

Develop The Strategies You Need To Increase Flow.

Note: The Roundtable is an add-on to the Patients for Life course.

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