Well, it’s time to unveil Audigy Group’s 2020 Internship Program. We have openings for three stellar students to sink their teeth into some incredibly challenging and significant work, while at the same time highlighting their professional chops. The completed projects will have a significant impact on the organization and will provide some serious learning opportunities for the interns.

This program will run 6/15/20-8/21/20, at full-time hours, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm, with a $14/hour stipend.

Areas of study needed are as follows:

Marketing (Digital Marketing)

The intern would be responsible for creating social content calendars for Audigy and Audigy Medical, with copy variations for Canadian members. This includes creating graphics, writing associated copy for social posts, and developing any supporting materials (i.e. blog posts, infographics, etc.). We’d also have the intern focus on a establishing a messaging tree so we could implement Facebook’s chat feature on member websites in addition to their Facebook pages. And finally, we’d have the intern tie together digital program successes by partnering with the team to develop and update case studies for existing digital services.

Events: Summit 2020

Summit 2020 is the most impactful program in the private practice hearing care space. Our members and their teams represent the who’s-who of the industry, and with an ever-changing industry landscape, assisting the Events Manager they will be tasked with creating one of the biggest and baddest events in the company’s history. Our goal in taking on an intern is to help ensure that this program meets the already high standards that we have set for Audigy programs. For anyone interested in Events/Marketing/Strategic Planning/Business Relations etc., this is the internship to end all internships. This event will be facilitated in Nashville, TN August 6-8.

Software Engineering

This project will focus on an overhaul of the Clarity Allergy Application Settings. (Audigy’s proprietary software solution for Allergy Doctors). The goal is to expose the settings to the end users (Allergy Nurses and Administrators) allowing them to access and change their own clinical protocols as needed without the use of a support manager or developer.


  • Must be a junior, senior, grad student, or recent graduate of an accredited university
  • Must have a focus of course work that relates to the above projects
  • Must have strong computer skills, including MS Word and Excel
  • Must have an excellent work ethic
  • Must have outstanding communication skills

But wait — it won’t all be work! We are committed to providing an engaging summer with opportunities to mingle with our fantastic family of employees, to pick the brains of the leadership team, to volunteer in our local community, and to attend company-sponsored career workshops (interviewing, résumé writing, public speaking, etc.).