Innovation & Technology

This talented group of IT professionals makes the impossible positively routine. Their work saves you time and money while ensuring that your office’s IT systems run at maximum efficiency.

  • Aaron Beamguard
    Aaron Beamguard Systems Analyst
  • Annie Cha
    Annie Cha Senior Project Manager
  • Dima Kolobovnikov
    Dima Kolobovnikov Senior Systems Analyst
  • Isaac Dickson
    Isaac Dickson Application Support Analyst
  • Jake Mosby
    Jake Mosby Quality Assurance Engineer
  • James Zhang
    James Zhang Software Engineer
  • Jeff Turner
    Jeff Turner IT Manager
  • Jennifer Damian
    Jennifer Damian Help Desk Analyst
  • Jos Presley
    Jos Presley Software Engineer
  • Kelsey Fleming
    Kelsey Fleming Senior Product Manager
  • Nick Tarter
    Nick Tarter Senior Software Engineer
  • Rashmi Murthy
    Rashmi Murthy Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Rob Anderson
    Rob Anderson Director of IT Operations
  • Seth Chip
    Seth Chip Help Desk Analyst
  • Wes Scott
    Wes Scott Senior Systems Analyst
  • William Bowen
    William Bowen Project Manager

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