Who doesn’t want to increase the accuracy, consistency, and visibility of their financial results? Meet the team that assists our members every day in keeping their records precise and their financial statements healthy.

  • Annamarie Thacker
    Annamarie Thacker Bookkeeping Specialist
  • Christine Mongrain
    Christine Mongrain Bookkeeping Specialist
  • Heather Brown
    Heather Brown Senior ABS Manager
  • Irina Thiesen
    Irina Thiesen Bookkeeping Specialist
  • Kathy Morse
    Kathy Morse Bookkeeping Specialist
  • Kourtney Phernetton
    Kourtney Phernetton Bookkeeping Specialist
  • Nawang Kelsang
    Nawang Kelsang Staff Accountant
  • Robynn Maedl
    Robynn Maedl ABS Senior Staff Accountant
  • Sara Perrott
    Sara Perrott Director of ABS & Finance Innovation Lead

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